Harland driving school was established at the beginning of the 1990’s when a member of the Haywards Heath college staff decided to take early retirement to retrain as a driving instructor.

The English teacher had been a respected member of the faculty at Haywards Heath for over 30 years, so was asked by the governors of the college to run the new venture on site at the college so lessons could be offered commercially as part of the “General Studies” programme. This meant that students could learn to drive during College hours and direct from the College. This proved to be very popular and in September 1995, Harland driving school was launched.

The name “Harland” arose from Harlands Road, which is the postal address of the College and the road onto which its main entrance is situated.

Over the next five and a half years increasing numbers of students took lessons with Harland, of which over 50% passed their tests first time round.

By early 2001 the owner of the Driving School had let the business wind down with a view to retirement. However the college was keen to retain the Driving School and so the thriving business was passed onto Rod Williams. Since this time, the driving school has continued to thrive.